Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows (Western, Financial and Vedic/Jyotish)

Astrological resources and their Google page ranks

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Astrology on-line automatic services #1 astrology readings portal. Runs multiple classic astrology reports generated with Kepler desktop program and Vedic report from Actually, they do not provide any free reports and finally you must pay directly or in some other form like magazine subscription, donation or bying products from affiliates. #2 astrology readings portal. Provides abundance of online services on classic astrology, tarot, I-Ching and Feng Shui. David and Kelly Fox ( project creators and former owners) mobile devices horoscopes website. Provides seven western astrology reports and one monthly calendar.
SkyViewZone.comAstrology software and reports reseller out of business

Astrology software for Windows

Astrolabe Nova and Solar Fire (distributor)
HalloranAstrology for Windows, AstroDeluxe
Cosmic PatternsKepler/Sirius
Esoteric TechnologiesSolar Fire
ABoIIntrepid Andrew Foss Shri Jyoti Star program Goravani Omnis 7 jyotish program Ernst Wilhelm, Kala program Parashara's Light Jyotish Tools programs for desktop and pocket PC
Market TraderAlphee Lavoie
Fibonacci TraderRobert Krausz
Magi AstrologyMadelyn Samson?
Galactic InvestorJeanne Long

Astrological websites and pages

Carolyn Egan 
Hank Friedman 
Vaisnava Brahmana 
Sanjay Rath 
Ronnie Gale Dreyer 
James Braha 
Komilla Sutton American Federation of Astrologers Debora Houlding Georgia Stathis Lee Lehman Uranian Iinstitute Linda Goodman Stephanie Clement
Astrologers FundHenry Weingarten
AstroEconRobert Hit
Raymond Merriman 
Market Trader 
Bill Meridian 
Astrological InvestingKaye Shinker and Marlene Pfeifle
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