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Are you buying a real estate and search for the best day to sign a contract?

Mercury, the fastest moving planet and the one closest to the Sun, rules communications, sales and written legal agreementsócontracts. A successful transaction must have a well-placed Mercury. Individuals who do well in sales transactions usually have Mercury well-aspected. If there are negative aspects to Mercury, the contract may be difficult to negotiate. For example, if transiting Mercury is opposing or squaring natal Jupiter or even transiting Jupiter, then you may pay too much for the property. Your judgment might be off. If Mercury is square transiting or natal Saturn, you may worry yourself needlessly concerning this particular real estate matter, no matter how long you own it! The other manifestation of Mercury square Saturn might be that something was forgotten in the contract at the time of its writing.

A good time to sign a contract is when either the Moon (property) or Saturn (real estate) is well aspected by Mercury through a trine or a sextile. Always look at both the natal and the transiting planets and how they interact with each other.

If the Moon or Mercury is void of course at the time of the sale, the sale might not complete. When the move is scheduled, watch for challenging aspects to Mercury, particularly from Neptune or Jupiter, as there may be a tremendous disorientation. Much has been said about Mercury retrograde periods, and they do have an effect on real estate transactions. If a new contract comes in during such a time, there may be a problem with finalizing the sale or purchase. Sometimes a particular word or paragraph is inadvertently left out when the contract is written. At other times, the intention of the purchaser to purchase may be based on some type of financial assistance from family or friends. When Mercury moves into direct motion, the missing paragraph is discovered or the funding is no longer available.

Georgia Stathis. The real estate process

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Retrograde Mercury Mercury retrogrades approximately three times a year for about three weeks at a time. This is an excellent time to wrap up details in a contract or an escrow and uncover any problems about the property. One way Mercury retrograde "works" in a real estate transaction is perhaps the property was viewed prior to the retrograde, but the buyer or seller was not necessarily sure this was what he or she wanted. In presenting the offer, precautions still need to be exercised, but sometimes if care is taken this will work out during a Mercury retrograde period. Even if Mercury is well aspected at the time of the retrograde, there could still be a delay in the transaction. Watch the degree and minute at which Mercury begins its retrograde motion. Watch when it returns to the direct position. Particularly watch when it returns to the original "shadow" positionóthe same degree and minute at which it went retrograde. This is when any differences or problems are usually resolved.

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