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AstroElite Academic/Trader/Financial

Modern, professionally made, affordable astrology program for Windows

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Trader/Financial version

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendly
What makes AstroElite
a special program?

Astrological (geocosmic) indicator for Metatrader 4 trading platform

  • Accurate. Uses JPL ephemerides*
  • Fast. Pre-calculated data are available instantly
  • Easy. Installs in single mouse click
  • Affordable. Costs just 5-10% of special financial astrology program price
  • Convenient. Fully integrated with Metatrader 4 platform. Plots astro-events on live price chart.
  • Free updates and upgrades

  • Planets: Sun..Pluto
  • Events:
    • Aspects (Ptolemaic - 0, 60, 90 120, 180)
    • Lunations (Moon phases - New and Full Moon, First and Last Quarter)
    • Stationary points (retrograde-direct movement)
    • Planets rising/setting, upper/lower culmination
    • Void-of-course Moon
  • Coordinate systems: Geocentric, Heliocentric
* So-called 'Swiss Ephemeris' are based on JPL ephemerides data

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