Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows (Western, Financial and Vedic/Jyotish)

Astrology Programs for Windows

Best Astrology software

  • Academic ($69.95):
    Basic program with all general tools necessary for astrology students and those who are curious about the subject of astrology
  • Trader ($119.95): Specialized astrology software that plots financial instruments price on the background of geo-cosmic events (Graphic and Financial Ephemerides). For general trading public that is unfamiliar with financial astrology.
  • Professional ($119.95):
    Program with advanced astrology features for those who needs more techniques and calculations, in particular Eclipses Map, Fertility Calendar.
  • Financial ($480):
    Sophisticated software packed with all features of the above mentioned versions plus many special calculations and graphs ( Econograph, Spring-factor, Bradley Index, Bayer rules). For researchers, astrologers and traders with medium to high level of trading and astrological skills

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendlyWhy AstroElite programs are different from others?

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Super AstroClock program

AstroClock is a program that calculates and plots current planetary positions in real-time mode (transit-to-transit aspects, single wheel). Bi-wheel mode allows to add a second (natal, radix) chart and explore transit-to-natal aspect and transit planet ingresses into natal chart houses.
  • Tropical (western)
  • Sidereal (vedic, Hindu, 20 ayanamsas)
  • Planets from Sun through Pluto, Moon Nodes, Lilith (Black Moon), Chiron
  • Four major asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta)
  • Twelve house cuspids
  • Vertex, Eastern Point, Parse (Wheel) of Fortune
  • Ptolemaic: 0, 180, 90, 120, 60
  • Minor: 150, 30, 45, 135, 72, 144, 36, 51.43
Time range
  • 1 BC...2900 AD without external ephemerides
  • 5400 BC...5400 AD with external ephemerides
House systems
  • Placidus
  • Koch
  • Alcabitius
  • Campanus
  • Meridian
  • Regiomontanus
  • Porphyry
  • Neo-Porphyry
  • Morinus
  • Topocentric
  • Equal (Asc)
  • Equal (MC)
  • Whole (house=sign)
  • Natural (0 Aries)

Jyotish Master

Vedic Astrology Program for Windows

  • Implements absolutely revolutionary for astrological software approach for processing life events and offers extremely visual and convenient data presentation. Most Jyotish Master features are unique and cannot be found elsewhere
  • Graphics is clear and crisp with specially designed fonts that look perfectly at any screen resolution or printed documents. Text reports and tables are generated in rich text editable format with multiple styles, colors and embedded graphs and pictures
  • The user-interactive charts are live and help to learn Jyotish basics. A beginner may just point to a planet and see which house it rules and what does that placement mean or click a planet and see which signs/houses it aspects
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Jyotish Dasa

 Event-marked Dasas

Chakra mulatrikona, moolatrikona, kendra

Smart Chakras

Vedic software

Graphic Gochara

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendly

What makes Jyotish Master
a special program?

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