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Astrological Natural Fertility and Gender Selection methods

Can conception be predicted from the stars? Can the sex of the child be predetermined by choosing the hour of conception according to the Moon's astrological sign? Do women actually experience two monthly ovulation cycles? Does an understanding of the lunar cycle provide us with a reliable form of birth control? Can birth defects be avoided by employing astrological analysis to choose the best moment of conception? Read more...

Get your on-line Lunar Cycles Fertility Calendar instantly and discover when your chances to conceive a baby are the highest. May be tomorrow is that day.


12-month fertility reports come with free Fertility Potential analysis (beeja and kshetra).

Jyotish Master software Vedic astrology tools

Jyotish Master

Vedic astrology program for Windows

  • It implements absolutely revolutionary for astrological software approach to processing life events and offers extremely visual and convenient data presentation. Most Jyotish Master features are unique and cannot be found elsewhere
  • Graphics is clear and crisp with specially designed fonts that look perfectly at any screen resolution or printed documents. Text reports and tables are generated in rich text editable format with multiple styles, colors and embedded graphs and pictures
  • The user-interactive charts are live and help to learn Jyotish basics. A beginner may just point to a planet and see which house it rules and what does that placement mean or click a planet and see which signs/houses it aspects

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Jyotish Dasa

 Event-marked Dasas

Chakra mulatrikona, moolatrikona, kendra

Smart Chakras

Vedic software

Graphic Gochara

Buy for $59.95

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendly

What makes Jyotish Master
a special program?

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