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Meaning of the planets in first trade chart

titleUranus stock tend to fluctuate, especially if it is in a volatile group like technology
in most frequent position in charts of stocks that underperform the market
in most frequently found in charts of stocks that outperform the market
adds a reputation to the stock.
Symbolize a powerful mover on the market. Its price fluctuations effect whole industries (Microsoft)

The Sun is a vital point in the chart. A Sun that is afflicted by transit will usually depress prices, especially if the Sun is poorly placed natally. If the Sun is in hard aspect to Uranus, the stock will tend to fluctuate, especially if it is in a volatile group like technology. Cancer is the Sun sign most frequently found in the horoscopes of first trade, however, Taurus is the Sun sign most frequently found in charts of stocks that outperform the market. Cancer and Sagittarius are the most frequent Sun signs of stocks that underperform the market. A prominent natal Sun usually denotes a stock that is notable. That is, it has many shareholders and is widely commented on in the media. Contacts to Jupiter will add to the reputation of the stock. Connections between natal Sun and Pluto symbolize a powerful mover on the exchange. Its price fluctuations effect whole industries, as Microsoft does. It may either be a company that acquires others or one that may itself be merged.

Moon The Moon represents the public, public's feelings about or perceptions of a stock. Transits to the Moon can cause erratic trading patterns. Natal charts with Moon-Uranus contacts cause irregular price movements while Saturn-Moon connections tend to bring stability. Taurus Moons, like Taurus Suns, are found in the charts of strong stocks while Scorpio Moons predominate with weak stocks.
Mercury Mercury — Mercury has an effect similar to that of the Moon. A prominent Mercury attracts much mention in the press. Rumors may move the stock. Good transits to the natal Mercury can bring favorable rulings from the courts or the government. Indeed, a Jupiter hit to Mercury heralded a favorable court ruling for Advanced Micro Devices vs. Intel, as we will see in the case histories. Taurus and Gemini arc the natal signs associated with outper¬forming stocks while Sagittarius is frequent with the underperformers.
Venus Venus enhances the marketability of shares. As with people, the stock's popularity is enhanced. Apple Computer has a Venus-Uranus conjunction on the MC. Scorpio Venus turns up frequently with strong shares while Capricorn and Aquarius show up with a slightly greater than average probability in the horoscopes of un-derperforming equities. Transiting hits to natal Venus can signal stock moves resulting from agreements or mergers.
Mars Mars adds energy to the trading of a stock. A well-aspected natal Mars will give rise to well-defined up and down trends. Mars in hard aspect to Uranus brings erratic and choppy moves - very tough to trade. A very afflicted Mars may simply cause listless and dull trading. Gemini Mars is symbolic of outperformers while Virgo is symbolic of the underperformers.
Jupiter From Jupiter's symbolism, this can be the planet of the bull. A well-aspected Jupiter will likely lead to good relative performance. The strong stocks tended to have the Greater Benefic in Aries or Pisces. Their weaker counterparts have Jupiter in Aquarius. Generally speaking, transits from Jupiter to the natal chart are positive, but will not be long lasting. In order to generate a sustained move, Jupiter must be moving slowly or must aspect a group of natal planets. Having both effects is best. Jupiter contacting Uranus (Goodyear) can bring big moves up and down. Most biotech companies began trading in 1983 when these two planets were conjunct in the sky. This group of stocks has certainly been a speculator's dream. Saturn's transit over the biotech's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction terminated the price run and sent the group's price run into a tailspin in the later 1980s
Saturn As with Jupiter, Saturn's basic nature tells us - this is a bearish or depressing influence. A prominent natal Saturn will usually hold the share price back over time. A well-aspected Saturn can be a stabilizing influence. Staid and steady "old reliables" will have such an aspect. For example with Warner Communications, Saturn passing opposite the natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction dropped the shares hard.
Uranus Horoscopes with a strong Uranus mean volatility. Uranus on the MC of Apple Computer is a fine example. Hard natal aspects to the luminaries and angles (1, 4, 7, 10 houses) will cause choppy patterns and very sudden price movements. Stations of transiting Uranus are one of the best movers of share prices, next to eclipses. A station of Uranus in 1985 square the Sun of the old industrial stock, Kidde, occurred on the day of the takeover of the company, sending the share price 50 percent higher. (UAL, for example). Hard transiting aspects can bring big moves up or down, depending upon other conditions in the chart and the natal position of the planets aspected. Poorly aspected natal planets to Uranus will usually cause a fall.
Neptune Stocks that are considered inflation hedges, like gold, oils, or natural resource stocks will usually have a strong Neptune. Deceptive price movements and fake-outs are common. The stock may break to the upside, in technical terms, and then change course to the downside. See Delta Airlines, for instance. By transit, soft aspects from stationary Neptune are most frequently bullish.
Pluto Natal Pluto tells us about mergers or very substantial price moves. A prominent Pluto indicates that these events are likely during the trading life of the stock. A weak Pluto would point to the reverse. Pluto is frequently strong by transit during merger or takeover attempts. Very big and prolonged price declines or rises can begin with a Pluto hit. Look at Novell, MediaVision and Kemper. This stock took off due to a takeover bid when Jupiter stationed on natal Pluto. The outermost planet has a "make or break" effect.
Lunar Node The Node can be significant during mergers or major agreements that impact the stock price.
The Angles The MC and ASC are very sensitive and bear close watching. Planets on the angles take on greater strength. Aspects to them and to the angles will lead to larger price moves. See the UAL example. The progressed angles are also important. See the Gerber example.

Black Rock Inc. chart

ObjectSign AspectsInterpretation
SunLibrasextile to PlutoPowerful mover on the market that's price fluctuations effect whole industries.
Moonborder of Gemini and Cancersextile to JupiterPublic feeling about the company - communication (Gemini) and secutity (Cancer) with good reputation (Moon-60-Jupiter)
MercuryLibrasextile to Venus 
VenusLeosextile to Mercury 
MarsSagittarius - 
JupiterTaurussextile to the Moon, square to Neptune 
SaturnTaurussquare to Uranus 
UranusAquariussquare to Saturn 
NeptuneAquariussquare to Jupiter 
PlutoSagittariussextile to the Sun 

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