Void of Course Moon

This is an astrological phenomenon that can vary in length from a few minutes to several days. It begins when the Moon finishes making its last major aspect to the other planets and ends when the Moon enters its next sign.
    During the VOC Moon period your judgment is faulty or that you're taking action based upon a faulty premise. For this reason, it's recommended to avoid starting a new project or business while Moon is «void». There is a very high probability that after much frustration or cost the project fails.

    Wait until the Moon is no longer VOC and then see if you still want to go ahead. The VOC period can be very productive but usually in ways other than those which you had planned or imagined. If you're fighting your agenda during the VOC Moon, let it go, focus on more routine activities or allow your creativity to find its own level.

    At this time people very often lack a sense of direction and they make decisions that are “off base” and later need to be reevaluated. It is wise to simply avoid initiating something new in the outer world during the Void of Course Moon, although it is fine to take care of routine tasks and duties.

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Void of Course Moon and Silver

In 1977 was employed by Drexel-Burnham-Lambert as a commodity broker and commodity trading advisor.. Life was very easy for me—great health, incredible family life, terrific income, good friends and a superior occupation with the accompanying working environment. I was advising quite a few customers, in addition to trading my own account. One day a middle-aged divorcee came into the office and asked to see me after the close of market hours. She began by saying she could make money in the silver market by using astrology but that she had no money to use as starting capital. Assuring her that, if she did indeed have the ability, capital would be no problem, I agreed to take her recommendations in silver for a few days. Then, if after that period we were profitable, we would buy and sell silver with each of us sharing a piece of the profits.

All of you reading this book have at one time or another searched for the "Holy Grail" or been offered it for sale by some vendor. To this day, I still explore every opportunity, though I am absolutely convinced it does not exist. Even if you found it, the laws of the universe would probably render it useless. The best acceptable alternative is to put probabilities and diligent analysis in your favor before trading. But this was 1977 and we were starting some good bull moves and money was no problem. Studying market behavior and all of the trading books and systems available at that time made me more interested in astrology because of the legendary exploits of W.D. Gann, Luther Jensen, David Williams, Burton Pugh and others who supposedly adapted astrology to trading commodities.

Mary Rivers (Vincent) gave me three straight silver trades that worked! She had my immediate attention due to the nature of the way she placed the orders. Mary would call the day or two before a trade and give me an order to buy Silver at 9:58 a.m. on Wednesday and sell it at 7:00 a.m. on Friday. No stop was ever placed. One of my colleagues in the Drexel office knew of the arrangement and almost lost a kidney from laughter. His laughter stopped after we successfully produced five profitable trades in a row. Her profitable streak continued for nineteen straight trades. She was now the talk of the office. I only saw her the one time she came to visit. Her trading proceeds were sent to an apartment in Santa Monica, California—about 12 miles and one mountain range away.

When Mary didn't call for several days. I went to her apartment to see if she was all right. The apartment had been vacant for several days and there was no trace of her. After about a week. I hired one of my clients—a private investigator—to try and locate her. It was as though she did not exist. One of her habit patterns was to go into the Dean Witter office in Santa Monica several mornings each week and watch Silver trade. The brokers recognized her description, but she did not have an account at their firm. It is my opinion that one day she mentioned her trading strategy to another customer in the office and they proceeded to negotiate a better deal. I had no contact with her after the last telephone call preceding her "disappearance."
Excitement was racing through my veins! I had the "Holy Grail" in my hands and it had slipped through. I contacted several local astrologers and immediately started researching what she was doing. The orders were all time-stamped just as she directed. An answer was quick to come back to me that the basis of her analysis was to use the "moon void of course" to initiate trades in Silver. It was much more complex than just MVC —she also weighted the signs differently as to positive and negative. It still works to this day and is approximately 70 percent accurate. When we started together it was an incredible streak which would nave become normal had we continued.

I bring this to my readers' attention because "moon void of course" may be used in short term trading as an intraday timing mechanism. The moon is void of course from the time it forms its last major aspect (conjunction, sextile, trine, square, opposition) to a planet until the time it enters a new sign. During this time confusion prevails plans or projects fail to materialize and delays can be expected.

Keep in mind that the moon is going void of course every few days and this event can only be used for short term trading. It is of particular help when the event occurs during market hours. A full and new moon are also accentuated by the void of course phenomenon. The five major lunar cycles I use in trading are:
  1. Maximum or "0" Declination — The moon is either at its furthest distance from the equator or at the equator "0".
  2. True node of the Moon — The true node of the moon is the only part of our solar system that turns counterclockwise. When it moves from retrograde to direct or vice versa, it will affect prices.
  3. Full Moon-New Moon-Quarter Moon
  4. Apogee and Perigee — Apogee is where the moon is farthest from the earth and spinning the slowest. Perigee is where the moon is closest to the earth and spinning the fastest.
  5. Moon Void of Course — The moon is going from one sign of the zodiac to another sign.

Traders may find the use of short term oscillations such as Stochastic or Relative Straight Indicators as an adjunct to short term entry techniques. After years of experience my first method of entry would be the Gartley "222" pattern, but oscillators can be useful with this pattern recognition formation.

Larry Pesavento

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