What makes AstroElite a special program?

  1. It's new. Those who brag they produce astrologic software since Civil War times in fact use a rudimentary and amateurish obsolete source code they wrote 30 years ago and didn't modify since then.
  2. It's affordable. You cannot find something similar for free.
  3. It has a unique intuitive and highly customizable space-saving design that looks great at any screen resolution.
  4. Most frequently used settings may be changed with a single mouse click. To make aspect orbs wider or tighter it's not necessary to go deep into settings menus but just click a tool bar button.
  5. Every chart may have a unique set of preferences like wheel style, zodiac, aspects shown.
  6. Most astrology software developers release new versions once in few years. AstroElite updates at least once a month and every time you get new features free of charge.

Graphic ephemeris: transit and natal longitude, Moon-Earth distance, declination and fixed stars - all in one graph*

* Professional version feature


Stationary points (retrograde planets) table


Other astrological program

How easy to judge aspects?


Every aspect is clearly visible, applying are bold, separating are printed with regular glyphs. Click an aspect glyph and see its description and time when the aspect was or will be exact.

Other astrological program

What you can say by looking at this mess?
To get the information about aspects you must refer to aspects table and it is another 'deaf' graph that doesn't provide you any interaction.

Easy and convenient way to add and keep your charts data


  • Have all your records visible and easy managable on same screen. No more 'OK More' buttons
  • Instantly verify the data validity by looking at Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions
  • Use multiple databases and switch between them with a single mouse click
  • Add tri-wheel charts in one click
  • Get instant access to pre-caculated lunations list and add a New/Full Moon charts in a snap
  • Input location coordinates in both DMS and decimal format
  • AstroElite uses a date and time input  format from your PC system settings. No more 'American', 'European', '12/24 hours' options.

Other astrological programs

Live sortable aspect list

  • Put a list of selected aspects to a screen with a slight mouse move
  • Move cursor out of the list and it disappears when the latter is not needed
  • Get the list ordered by planets, aspect type or sharpness with a single mouse click

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