Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows (Western, Financial and Vedic/Jyotish)

Elite Astrology Programs for Windows
Best Astrology software
  • AE Financial: Sophisticated premium-class financial astrology software packed with all AE Trader features plus many special calculations and graphs (Econograph, AstroCalendar, Spring-factor, Bradley Index, Bayer rules, Market Analyzer). For researchers, astrologers and traders with medium to high level of trading and astrological skills
  • AE Trader: Specialized astrology software that plots financial instruments price on the background of geo-cosmic events (Graphic and Financial Ephemerides). Entry-level program for general trading public that starts learning basics of financial astrology. 
  • AE Professional: Program with advanced astrology features for those who needs more techniques and calculations, in particular Eclipses Map, Fertility Calendar.
  • AE Jyotish Master: Sophisticated premium class Vedic Astrology software for budget price
  • AE Academic (FREE software): Basic program with all general tools necessary for astrology students and those who are curious about the subject of astrology

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendlyWhy AstroElite programs are different from others?

Full features list

AstroElite Financial

  • Affordable. It is much cheaper than other financial astrology programs
  • Easy to install. Just run a setup file and get fully configured application with pre-installed and pre-configured Metatrader 4
  • Unique special features. like Econograph, AstroCalendar, Spring-factor, Bradley Index and Bayer rules. Also it contains all general astrology features available in AE Academic an Trader
  • First-trade-charts database for 7532 stocks. Select a right investment instrument by reading its natal chart.
  • Market Analyzer allows you to see a market behavior at certain days, hours and astro-events
  • Live quotes. See live price bars on astrology graphs background
  • Free updates are lifetime and automatic
  • Free program customization per your request
  • Free lifetime online customer support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Live remote assistance when necessary (installation, configuration and troubleshooting).

The only Financial Astrology program on the market with free live quotes data feed for more than 350 stocks, shares and indexes.

Also get free historical data for time frames from 1 minute to 1 month (M1, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, WK, MN)

Save a lot! No subscription fee, no monthly payments.


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