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Part 1. Personal Fertility Potential: Beeja and Kshetra (Vedic).

'The conception takes place when the seed is healthy and the soil is fertile'

According to ancient vedic astrology scripts a couple sterility or fertility may be read from beeja and kshetra that are specially calculated points in male and female horoscopes. Beeja (seed) is a measure of virility - a sperm ability to fecundate and kshetra (bed) is an ovum response to impregnation. Without beeja and kshetra strength and vitality male and female fluids are not fertile.

A husband and wife may be physiologically normal and their sex relations may be happy but still beeja and kshetra in their horoscopes are not strong a couple has no kids. If beeja (male) is weak and kshetra (female) is strong then children may be born late in life after undertaking the necessary astral remedial measure.

Part 2. Lunar Cycles Fertility Calendar (Western)

jd 1.627198 outside Moshier's Moon range 625000.50 .. 2818000.50 11-24--4713 12:00 : house 12

How to find your most fertile days in the calendar

MethodHow to find those days
Jonas Jonas fertility method Look for the day with a light green background. This and two prior days is your fertility window — the days when you have to have coitus or artificial insemination. The day when a Moon phase is exactly the same as at your birth time is marked as 'Jonas method - High fertility'.
Lunar Lunar return fertility methodMirror Lunar return fertility method Look for the days with a white and pale yellow background marked as 'Lunar - High fertility' and 'Mirror Lunar - High fertility'. Try to have sex during these days or in the foregoing night.
There is no definite opinion which method is more effective, so for maximum effect use both

Gender selection

Conception occurs when the sperm impregnates the egg, and it is this moment that is used to determine the sex of the child. There are two methods and two ways to calculate that. The first is based on the Moon longitude and the second on it's declination. To avoid contradiction in case the results are opposite there is no word "girl" or "boy" placed in the calendar for such days.

Some notes

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