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Thread: How to use AstroClock for trading with Metatrader 4

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    How to use AstroClock for trading with Metatrader 4

    If you know some regularities that affect stock market, just place AC windows next to your trading platform screen and observe the skies in anticipation of those special combinations.

    If you have no idea what phenomena have influence on price action you have to make a research. Find some definite price actions, note the date, time and place (what market was most active at the time: Asian, European or American).

    There was a sharp and significant EUR/USD plunge in Friday, January 28, 2011. Let's use Alpari (US) broker who provides data for GMT+1 time zone.
    • Find a time for that long red candle. It is 16:00
    • Let's use NY as a place.
    • NY is in USA Eastern Time Zone that has -5:00 hours offset, therefore the event happened at 16:00-1:00-5:00= 10:00 hours.
    • Stop AC if it is running and input 01/28/2011 10:00:00 in the bottom date control.
    • Here we have a snapshot of the astrological environment at given moment.

    Analyze the chart. Since we are speaking about intraday trading, note the positions of fast-moving objects like the Moon, house cuspids and their aspects.

    For instance:
    • The Moon has sextile to Sun-Mars conjunction
    • The Moon has trine to Jupiter-Pluto conjunction
    • Aries is rising
    • Retrograde Saturn having square aspect to Mercury is setting

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    Integration of AstroClock (AC) and Metatrader 4 (MT4)

    A registered (paid) AC version may be integrated with MT4 so if you click a price bar/candle, AC automatically runs with the date set to this bar.
    To configure AC for this purpose you have to install it into MT4 root folder.

    If don't know, where your MT4 installed, read this

    For example, if MT4 is installed on drive P:, in GCI folder, the path must be as on screenshot below:

    For AC and MT4 interaction, indicator AEClock.ex4 must be installed on the chart you want to link to AstroClock.
    Just drag and drop it as shown on a picture

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