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This unique forecast is more accurate than similar products, because it uses your birth date and time and has nothing to do with the «forecasts for your sign». It includes the description of current planetary transits, days when your natal chart (horoscope) planet aspects get activated by current transits and the Void of course Moon periods for your local time zone.


Personal Astrological Guide (daily forecast) sample

You are especially susceptible to this transit because your natal chart (horoscope) contains the same configuration.

21 November
1. Moon Conjunct Venus 06:06
     Your own emotions are intense today, and you probably encounter people who are equally on edge. You seek tenderness from others, but a lot of your energy is focused on yourself. You may not make all that great an impression if you can't get out of your own way.
     Spend some time appreciating the beauty around you. This might include a trip to a museum, or it could just mean that you will notice flowers, rainbows, or attractive people who walk by. Take five minutes to "google" the word "art" or "beauty," as see what you can find.

2. Moon Square Uranus 16:44
     You can be stubborn, and right now that is your tendency. You may magnify your own position or a minor argument out of all proportion, deciding that you and only you can possibly be right. This is a short-sighted approach to the problem at hand.
     Yes, you have to consider your own independence and protect your own position. No, you do not need to annihilate your opposition. Try to relax and take things as they come. Pushing the river takes more energy than you have anyway.

22 November
VOC Moon
20:19 - 24:00
1. Moon Sextile Neptune 04:42
     You are able to put two and two together and get four, not just on the material plane, but on the psychic plane as well. Your sensitivity is profound at this time, but you could overlook it or avoid it if you don't concentrate.
     Take this time to consider your inner vision of the present situation or things to come, and then compare that to your evaluation of the obvious facts and opinions you gather from associates. Out of this assessment come opportunities for profitable action.

2. Moon Trine Saturn 19:02
     While this is not the most cheerful moment in your day, it is a good time to review your list of tasks, and also to reset your emotional switch. You can get into the flow of mental energy by consulting with a female.
     Focusing on the details, even the minutia, will help you to concentrate. Let the big picture take care of itself for an hour or so while you clear up nagging little filing and sorting tasks. As you do this, you refresh your capacity for the big arena.

3. Moon Conjunct Pluto 20:19
     At this moment you want to take action! Any action! Never mind if it is not the best choice, it will satisfy the urge to change conditions and create movement. Sometimes it is better to act than to hold back, even if you don't know for sure what to do.
     You would be well advised to let this moment pass before taking action. Let off steam by taking a brisk walk around the block. Then decide what to do. You may still appear impulsive to others, but you will know you gave yourself a moment to think your decision through.

24 November
Waxing crescrent
VOC Moon
20:43 - 24:00
1. Moon Sextile Uranus 00:10
     Take a time out to explore opportunities that are just now entering your consciousness, either through associates, or through your own intuition. This can be a tiny glimpse of a future possibility, or a full-fledged offer with emotional attraction of major proportions.
     You may find that you have to make choices among ideas and offers, and that while the decision is tough, the choices are all attractive. Although you seldom make like-changing decisions based solely on emotional values, at this point you are inclined to do so.

2. Moon Sextile Mercury 02:39
     You are asked to adapt a plan you have been working on to suit the needs of other people who are only peripherally involved. Try out bits and pieces of your plan to get some feedback. A woman can be very helpful at this juncture.
     Once you get an idea, this is the time to move forward. Use any verbal stimulation and channel it into your work. You find your thinking expands to include facets of the problem that you thought were beyond your capacity or responsibility.

3. Moon Sextile Mars 20:43
     You get a chance to bring your emotions into play in an important activity. Up to a point, the stronger your feelings, the more energy you can put into any project. Focus on an arena where feelings play a big role, such as marketing and advertising.
     While you are willing to lay our your position clearly and honestly, you can't always expect the same from other parties. You may not be able to tell if you are getting the same degree of honesty that you are giving.

About void of course Moon periods

    This is an astrological phenomenon that can vary in length from a few minutes to several days. It begins when the Moon finishes making its last major aspect to the other planets and ends when the Moon enters its next sign.
    During the VOC Moon period your judgment is faulty or that you're taking action based upon a faulty premise. For this reason, it's recommended to avoid starting a new project or business while Moon is «void». There is a very high probability that after much frustration or cost the project fails.

    Wait until the Moon is no longer VOC and then see if you still want to go ahead. The VOC period can be very productive but usually in ways other than those which you had planned or imagined. If you're fighting your agenda during the VOC Moon, let it go, focus on more routine activities or allow your creativity to find its own level.

    At this time people very often lack a sense of direction and they make decisions that are “off base” and later need to be reevaluated. It is wise to simply avoid initiating something new in the outer world during the Void of Course Moon, although it is fine to take care of routine tasks and duties.