Does the Moon Affect Your Business?

Recommendations for current month. Competition in sales and service businesses is aggressive. Any tools you can find that give you an edge will reap big benefits. Understanding the nature of the Moon for you, your business, and your customer can provide just such an advantage.
Try planning a month or two around the Moon's sign, and observe the difference it makes to the flow of your business.

Do nothing important during the Void Of Course Moon periods

Vedic Fertility Calendar

Vedic astrology has its own specific rules and methods concerning the conception and fertility issues. A large part of Muhurta (Hindu elective astrology) devoted to the selection for the best days for conceiving a healthy baby of the desired gender.

Moon Food Fetishes

Bored with boring meals?  Want something different? Try these dishes, menus, and cooking ideas to liven up your cuisine! Suggestions from Sydney Omarr, modified to suit your Moon sign.

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