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Natural fertility methods

Astrological Natural Fertility and Gender Selection methods

Advanced Astro Fertility report now also reveals your  fertility potential  according to ancient hindu scripts

Can conception be predicted from the stars? Can the sex of the child be predetermined by choosing the hour of conception according to the Moon's astrological sign? Do women actually experience two monthly ovulation cycles? Does an understanding of the lunar cycle provide us with a reliable form of birth control? Can birth defects be avoided by employing astrological analysis to choose the best moment of conception?

Read more about the Dr. Jonas (Jonash) and other natural fertility methods...
Are you skeptic about non-traditional methods? Study finds women sometimes ovulate several times a month! This is why rhythm method doesn't work.

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A full report consists of two parts:

Moon Cycles Fertility Calendar for 3-12 months

  • Your most fertile days by Jonas (Moon phase) method
  • Your most fertile days by direct and mirror Lunar Return method
  • Gender selection by Moon sign/declination method

 Based on your vedic horoscope analysis*

* 12 months report only

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