First of all, set a person you want to get fertility calendar for, birth data

To do this, tap Menu->Preferences.

Tap Set date button and set date of birth

Tap Set time button and set time of birth by local time (from birth certificate)

Check that Birth place selected and under Search location label type in first 4 letters of city where the person were born.
Then in drop-down list select necessary location

Time zone and daylight saving time will be filled out automatically from the program internal table.

Select Residence place bullet and set you current place of residence.
It is required to correctly display your calendar that is calculated for Greenwich time.

Birth data you input are stored on your device only and do not transmit to anywhere.
As a Person name you may type in anything like first name or nickname.
It's better to label the report, especially if you are using calendar for different people.

Tap Calendar to return to the main page.