Market Analyzer (MA) allows you to search for correlations of price behavior and geo-cosmic phenomena. The feature is available in AE Financial only.
To run MA click Market Analyzer menu item

There are two windows on MA form. Upper one contains graphs for volatility (High-Low, red) and momentum (Open-Close, blue)

Bottom window is a sortable daily table for aspects, High-Low and Open-Close values.
On the screenshot you may see that EUR/USD pair is most volatile and moves most on Thursdays. The least momentum/volatility observed on Mondays.

The data come from Metatrader 4 historical files (*.hst). This is a free program available from many online brokers and it has to be installed before you start using AE Financial Market Analyzer.
On the above screenshot the analyzed file EURUSD.mdb is located in P:\GCI\history\GCI-Demo folder. A file name and location are displayed in MA status bar at the bottom of the window.