I receive many questions about practical use of AE geo-cosmic indicator for Metatrader 4.
As already been pointed out many times, trading with geo-cosmic phenomena cannot be a mechanical but is a creative, almost spiritual process.
To satisfy those who would like to try this unusual approach I have initiated this topic.

Here is a simple system for beginners.

  1. Install AEMT4 and attach that to H4 EUR/USD chart
  2. Configure AEMT4 as on screenshot below
  3. When H4 candle completes and there is an aspect on that, set two orders
    • BuyStop on high of that candle with SL on low that candle
    • SellStop on low of that candle with SL on high that candle
    • When one of the orders triggered, remove other (pending) one

You may close orders manually or set take profit of 50-100 pips depending on market conditions.
Usually there are several astro-events occur when market is closed (stack of aspects). Ignore them or use cautiously.

In few weeks when you have some experience you may enable/disable some planets/aspects depending on their past performance.
Good luck!