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Thread: Simple AEMT4 trading system

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    Simple AEMT4 trading system

    I receive many questions about practical use of AE geo-cosmic indicator for Metatrader 4.
    As already been pointed out many times, trading with geo-cosmic phenomena cannot be a mechanical but is a creative, almost spiritual process.
    To satisfy those who would like to try this unusual approach I have initiated this topic.

    Here is a simple system for beginners.

    1. Install AEMT4 and attach that to H4 EUR/USD chart
    2. Configure AEMT4 as on screenshot below
    3. When H4 candle completes and there is an aspect on that, set two orders
      • BuyStop on high of that candle with SL on low that candle
      • SellStop on low of that candle with SL on high that candle
      • When one of the orders triggered, remove other (pending) one

    You may close orders manually or set take profit of 50-100 pips depending on market conditions.
    Usually there are several astro-events occur when market is closed (stack of aspects). Ignore them or use cautiously.

    In few weeks when you have some experience you may enable/disable some planets/aspects depending on their past performance.
    Good luck!

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    Is this possible to trade that method on 1 hour charts?

    Yes, you may try to apply the mentioned rules to H1 chart as well.

    In some cases it may deliver even better results but you might need to correct SL and/or TP.

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