I put the MT4 setup file in the wrong place. I moved it to the right place and it worked. I wanted to go back and adjust the configuration of the indicator but could not figure out how to do this once it is installed.
How do you do that?
You may configure AEMT4 in two ways.

a) Some properties are available from MT4 interface

b) Other settings may be changed with AEMT4 Configuration Utility (AEMT4CFG.EXE file)

Both are described on our Message Board:
Installation, configuration and removal, how to setup, adjust or uninstall

So I deleted the indicator and installed the setup exe file in the right place and now when I go to install I get error:
“Some files could not be created. Please close all apps. Reboot windows and restart this install.”

Is there a way around this or another option ? I ask since I have this on a VPS and on this VPS I have an EA running now that I do not want to stop.
[SIZE=4]Usually, it means some files already exists at the same location and locked with some process like MT4.
You don't need to stop VPS.
Just close all the programs and wait for some time, e.g. 10-15 min.
Also, you may ignore [FONT=Arial]“Some files could not be created" message because necessary files are already installed and in most cases it's not a critical message.