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    AstroClock for Android is an astrological program that plots a live wheel chart for current time and place where a device is located.

    When you first time run the application, it starts with default settings that are:

    Date and time: current ones
    Coordinates: New York, NY, USA

    To change those, switch to preferences screen by tapping top/right and select Settings.


    • True or mean value for Moon nodes
    • Use Heliocentric coordinate system instead for Geocentric used by default. The Earth will be displayed instead of the Sun. There are Moon nodes in Heliocentric system.
    • Use a Sidereal (Hindu, Vedic ) zodiac instead of western tropical
    • Display house cuspids values in a wheel
    • Print aspect type glyph in the middle of the aspect line
    • Run the program in live (dynamic) mode immediately after the start
    • Use current GPS position info for the chart. GPS must be enabled. With Internet connection GPS fixes satellites much faster. See details below
    • House system (Placidus, Koch, etc). Has sense for Geocentric charts only.
    • Precession (ayanamsa) type. Valid for Sidereal zodiac only
    • Since the Moon Nodes are always in opposition to each other half of their aspects are redundant. Select North or South to make an aspects table more compact and readable.
    • Wheel style. Traditional has less space for aspects and less compact.
    • Sort aspects table by objects (Sun, Moon, etc) or by orb values when most exact (and important) aspects come first

    Updated 2016-07-10

    Atlas of 13K+ locations coordinates with time zone and DST table added. To find a location type in first 4 letters of location name, for instance "lond" for London

    A first similar found city name will appear at right for your printing.
    Tap it to pull a drop-down list with all alike locations available and select that you mean. A top label with location information will update, so chart data will

    Push DONE button to finish and go to a wheel screen.

    Also, you may input a location coordinates manually by using Set latitude and Set longitude buttons.
    If you want a missing location to be added to AstroClock cities database, contact us.

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    Setting date and time has sense only in case the chart is static, not in live, real time, mode. Autostart box must be unchecked for this.
    Otherwise, current date and time will be applied next second you tap a Start button

    Setting latitude and longitude has sense only in case GPS is not used. Use GPS box must be unchecked for this.

    Set date

    In Settings screen, tap a Set date button. Then, by swiping up and down, set a month, day and year.
    Also you may input data, in particular, a year, directly, by using a device keyboard.

    To confirm press OK button.

    Set time

    In similar way you may change a chart time.

    Note, that time must be by Greenwich, not a local one, 24-hour format.

    Set coordinates

    In case Use GPS is unchecked in settings, you may define chart coordinates manually.
    Use Set Latitude and Set Longitude button for this

    Sign is negative for southern latitude and western longitude and positive for northern latitude and eastern longitude.
    Number before decimal point are degrees and after the point are minutes.


    When you have finished with settings, press a DONE button. New preferences will be applied and the program switches back to updates wheel screen.

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    Live/Static modes

    Live Mode

    Live is a program mode when the chart updates every second and displays actual positions for planets and house cuspids for current moment.
    To run AstroClock in live mode tap a Start button in right/bottom wheel screen corner.
    If Autostart is on in Settings, the program starts in live mode.

    Static Mode

    In static mode the chart doesn't update and displays positions for last used date, time and place.
    To stop live mode, tap a Stop button in left/bottom wheel screen corner.

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    There is no menu icon in top/right corner

    In devices with operating system prior to Android 4.4 (SDK 19, KitKat) like Jelly Beans (4.3, SDK 18) you have to use your device Options button that is located out of screen, in left/bottom corner of the phone front panel.

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    Does GPS require internet?

    Generally - no, but if GPS was not active in your device at the moment AstroClock starts, it may take few minutes, depending of signal strength, to get it work because to start calculating the coordinates GPS needs some extra information - precise time, satellites constellation ephemerides (orbit parameters), ionosphere delay (almanac).
    All those may be obtained almost instantly via Wi-Fi or mobile provider network, otherwise they will be downloaded directly from satellites with a killing slow speed*.

    If you have problems with AstroClock fixing your current position, run some GPS test program like this.

    If you see something like this, your device has a GPS problem.

    If a test shows that satellites are available and position fixed but AstroClock doesn't recognize your location, contact support.

    * Data rate of the satellite signal is only 50 bit/s

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    I'm in the USA and don't want to change my Android system settings like time zone. How can I set a chart for Hong Kong with that coordinates and +8 time zone?
    Check that your app version in Google Play store is 1.13 or above. Update if necessary.

    Professional version

    Go to Menu-> Chart Data screen and type in "hong" in location search box.

    Select Hong Kong, China in a list
    A location information will update to Hong Kong, TZ=+8
    Press DONE

    That's it. Now your wheel is in China with the Sun in lower hemisphere (night) though you are in the USA and the sun is shining in the sky.

    Free version

    Go to Menu-> Chart Data screen and tap Set latitude button. Input 22 and 17. Press OK

    Tap Set longitude and input 22 and 17. Press OK

    Tap Time Zone list control a select +8 then DST off.

    Tap DONE and you are with Hong Kong local chart. Everything, except city name (New Place) is for Hong Kong, China

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