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    This is a powerful programs for Android phones and tablets that calculates Tropical, Sidereal, Geo- and Heliocentric planetary positions with high accuracy.
    The results are presented in clear, well-formatted table with several customization options.

    The program consists of two forms: Planets and Settings.
    You may switch between them with a menu that appears when you tap Ephemerides right/top corner.

    • Prev : go one month back
    • Next : go one month forward
    • Set date : set year and month
    In the center of the screen, in yellow text, calculation date and time (GMT) printed.
    Below, in small gray letters, there is a technical information: time ephemeris been calculated for, screen resolution and calculation library version, etc.

    Help button opens on your mobile device a web browser and directs that to this page.
    Tap Exit to quit the program

    Once you clicked Menu in top/right screen corner, three options list drops down:
    • Planets - switch to main page with planetary positions
    • Settings - go to settings page
    • Exit - quit the program

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    • Use astro glyphs - display planet and zodiac sign names with special symbols, otherwise use letters.
    • Omit repeated zodiac signs - print zodiac sign only in case it differs from previous one. Exceptions are: first, last and 15 days of the month
    • Show days of the week
    • Decimal degrees - display coordinates not as degrees and minutes (2130') of arc but as decimal degrees (21.5)
    • True Moon node - calculate a true Moon node instead of mean one
    • Sidereal zodiac - use sidereal (Hindu astrology) zodiac instead of Tropical (western)
    • Heliocentric - calculate heliocentric planetary positions instead of traditional geocentric. Note, that Sun and Moon nodes are unavailable in heliocentric system.

    Input year
    A standard Java library date picker component (Date button) on front screen allows to input the dates for years 1900-2100 only, so to get data beyond these bound you have to input the year directly on Settings screen. Allowed values are 1...2999. There is no 0 year because next after yea -1 (1 Before Christ, BC) is 1 AD (anno domini).

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    How accurate AstroElite Ephemerides for Android are?
    They are very accurate and 100% match JPL and so called Swiss Ephemeris.

    Note, that AE Ephemerides use Gregorian calendar date but Swiss ephemeris for 1 AD generated with Julian calendar. January 1, 0001 Gregorian corresponds January 3, 0001 Julian.
    Also there may be minuscule rounding differences because.

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    What is a difference between Pro and Free versions?
    Dates range200 years
    1900 AD* - 2099 AD
    1000 years
    1 AD - 2999 AD
    Heliocentric systemNoYes
    Sidereal zodiacNoYes
    Days of weekNoYes
    Omit repeated zodiac signsNoYes
    Decimal degrees formatNoYes

    * AD= anno domini (our epoch)

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    Colors for even rows highlighting, table header background and text now are customizable in v 5.17.

    To access color picker go to Settings and use Table header color, Table header color, Even rows highlight color buttons
    Tap Reset colors to assign them default values.


    how to change time zone so the times displayed don't require conversion from GMT?
    By default, ephemeris time is set to Greenwich noon (12:00 PM).
    If you want to get positions, let's say, for your local noon and you live on USA East Coast (GMT-4 in summer), you have go to Settings, tap Set time button and change Ephemeris time to 12:00 (desired local time)+ 4 (time zone to West)= 16:00.

    If you need local noon time for some time zone to East from Greenwich, subtract a time difference, i.e. set 12:00-TZ (8:00 for GMT+4 time zone)

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