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Thread: Star Ephemeris

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    Star Ephemeris

    Number of objects: 14,551 (fixed stars, multiple star systems, pulsars, etc)
    Coordinate systems: ecliptic (latitude-longitude), equatorial (declination-RA), horizontal (altitude-azimuth)
    Date range: 2999 BC...2999 AD
    Zodiac: tropical, sidereal (~20 ayanamsas)
    Magnitude: -2...+16. Objects may be filtered by magnitude.

    Presentation: multi-color electronic table with search may be sorted by coordinates, common or system astronomical names and magnitude.

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    Star Ephemeris Quick Start

    To run Star Ephemeris go to Tables/Reports menu item

    Toolbar controls from left to right are
    • Zoom buttons to increase/decrease a table font size
    • Ephemeris date. Valid years are -2999...2999 (2999 BC - 2999 AD)
    • Zodiac type/ayanamsa. Select 'None (tropical)' for 'normal' Western zodiac
    • Magnitude filter. Valid values are from 0 (four brightest stars only) to 10 (all 14K+ stars)
    • Search star by name. Type in first 3 letters, for example 'sir' for Sirius
    • DB navigator. Allows to go next/previous or first/last table record

    The table columns are resizable. You may change their width by dragging title dividers.
    You may sort stars by any column values except altitude, azimuth and comments


    To show seconds of arc check Display seconds of arc box.
    If you prefer decimal degrees coordinates format instead of degrees, minutes and seconds, check Decimal coordinates box.

    [...to be continued]

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