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Please be informed after I installed your Astro-Clock 4.14... !
All the star fonts and astro-fonts, in the clock and the table on the right, could only show a "?" sign instead!

I am using a Windows 7 (simplified Chinese) system now!
Indeed I did tried on a Windows 7 (traditional Chinese) system years ago, where I found same problem!

I wish you would help me to solve this problem, where I might be able to look at the other services that you provide!
We have tried to run our AstroClock on Windows 7 with simplified Chinese language pack installed and found out that astro-glyphs appearance is normal.

Could you provide us with more details (screenshots are very welcome) about your Windows version and the problem.

Also, could you in Windows Region and Language temporarily change your PC format to English (USA) to check if this might correct a problem?