Saturn glyph is not showing up on wheel even after computer restart. Other points are not showing up either...only Sun, Moon, Merc, Ven, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune.
  1. Put cursor at right window frame edge
  2. A Data view panel will appear at right. Click a pin icon to prevent right panel from hiding
  3. Look at row with Saturn coordinates. In your case it is grayed out, that means a planet is turned off. Click it.
  4. A Saturn data text will change from gray to color and the planet will appear in a wheel. In the same manner you may control all other objects visibility*

If you need extra objects like four major asteroids, Pars Fortunae, etc., put cursor at left window frame edge and check required Wheel appearance boxes.

BTW, when you move cursor to planet positions table, a yellow hint pop-ups. Don't ignore little things like that.

* Objects visibility control is needed to simplify analysis of configurations for certain planet groups and make the chart more readable in general.