When you launch AstroClock for the very first time, it runs in fully-functional mode for 10-14 days. After that it switches to free mode with some limitations.

If you decided to buy AstroClock later and run it after PayPal payment done, the program gets automatically permanently activated as a fully-functional application.

You don't need Internet connection anymore to use it.

Manual activation

In some rare cases when the program does not activate automatically because of network or some other problems, you may do this manually.

  1. Run AstroClock and click Help->Unlock AstroClock in main menu
  2. Web browser with payment page will open
  3. Copy your User Code that looks like ABCD-1234
  4. Contact Customer Support and provide the date of purchase, PayPal transaction number and your User Code.
  5. You will receive the activation information soon.
  6. Go to a folder where AstroClock installed and find ACLOCK.INI file
  7. Open that with Notepad
  8. You will see the lines with activation info in [System] section
  9. Paste the name and key you received from customer support
  10. Save ACLOCK.INI and close Notepad
Now you copy is permanently activated and works in full mode.