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Thread: PayPal payments for AE Financial

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    PayPal payments for AE Financial

    I'm from outside of USA and Google Wallet does not accept my credit card and bank account. May I pay with PayPal?
    Due to high risk of PayPal chargebacks and unauthorized payments, especially from abroad, you must download, print, fill out, scan and send us a waiver (proof of identity*).

    The document PP Waiver.zip is attached below.

    1. Check if the product fits your needs
    2. Ask for PayPal invoice or payment link
    3. Make a PayPal payment.
    4. Download, print, fill out, scan or make a readable photo of the waiver and send it to us
    The software will be activated temporarily until payment clearance.
    ================================================== ===
    *Your proof of identity copy is kept by seller for 180 days only (expiration term for unauthorized transactions) an then destroyed.
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