Go *Tables/Reports in main menu and select Planet Ephemerides.

Then you will get a screen like this

If you want a CSV Excel-importable file to be generated, check Export to CSV format box in Preferences->Text Ephemeris.

A file with name like Planet Ephemeris 2018-05 12-00.csv will be generated in REP folder

A first row contains field names.
From second row to the end there are date and planetary longitudes.

Date,Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Ur anus,Neptune,Pluto,N.Node,S.Node,
43221.5000,41.06,238.26,14.26,68.26,293.67,229.31, 279.00,29.22,345.87,291.27,130.19,130.19,
43222.5000,42.03,250.71,15.35,69.47,294.13,229.18, 278.98,29.28,345.89,291.26,130.00,130.00,
The *.csv file may loaded into Excel

Don't forget in Excel to set date/time type to column A, otherwise to look like a floating point number.