1. Click a download link you received by e-mail
2. Save *.apk file to your PC desktop or USB flash stick for future use.

3. Connect your Android device to PC and in Windows Explorer navigate to your phone or tablet Download folder.

Move or copy *.apk file to mobile device Download folder.
4. Now Windows part of installation finished.
5. On your mobile device run any File Manager and navigate to Download folder where installation APK file is now located
6. Tap Install

Note, that regardless of what Android installation system says, AstroElite programs DO NOT access your personal files like e-mails or pictures or phone number. They only read a device ID, OS version and screen size.
7. Installation complete. Tap Open to run the program.
8.If you already paid for the program, it will be automatically and permanently activated as Pro version if Internet connection is available at moment activation.