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Thread: Configuring live data feed for External Metatrader

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    Configuring live data feed for External Metatrader

    Since July 18, 2018 AE Financial v.8 contains the "internal", pre-configured Metatrader 4,so all you need is clicking Run live mode button. Read more -> in this topic

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    The information below is for experienced MT4 users who want to use their own Metatrader for live data feed,
    otherwise use pre-configured internal AE Financial Metatrader.

    "Named pipes" is a technology that provides inter-program data exchange.
    In our case they are AE Financial (server) and Metatrader 4 (client). The exchange is fast and makes AEF<->MT4 interaction and configuration easier.

    1. Before switching AEF to Pipe Mode you must install AEClient indicator on any MT4 chart. The indicator file may be found in AE Financial\MT4\MQL4\AEClient.ex4 folder.

    2. In MT4 Experts log you may see this line:
      AEClient EURUSD,H1: AE Financial could not connect via \\.\pipe\MQL5.Pipe.Server after 6 attempts. Check that AE Financial is running and MT4 pipe mode is enabled.
      This is normal if server part AE Financial is not running at that time.
    3. If at that moment AE Financial program is running and its pipe server is active you'll see the info about connection in MT4 log.

      "Welcome message" in MT4 log means both client (MT4) and server (AEF) are connected and ready to data exchange.
    4. To switch AE Financial to Pipe Mode click Prefs->Fin.data and select MT4live feed in Data source group.

    In this mode MT4 files physical location doesn't matter and those input controls (MT4 root and data folder) may be disabled. You don't need to configure them if going to use live mode only and it's a big advantage for users.

    Once Pipe Mode is selected in AE Financial, you see several extra buttons related to the mode.

    From left to right they are:
    • Show/Hide a log window at the bottom. The window contains technical information about pipe connection and data exchange.
    • Allow DDE (live price quote for ask/bid price from MT4 to AEF)
    • Refresh data. Send to MT4 request for historical data, receive them, repaint the graph and save the data as file in AEF local folder for future use.
    • Connect pipe. If this button background is pale yellow, a pipe server-client connection is established and they are ready to work. If the background is gray, AEClient indicator was not installed in MT4 or Metatrader is not running. Launch that.
    Data Structure in MetaTrader 4 Build 600 and Higher

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    I don't see AEClient in Metatrader indicators list

    Check if the file AEClient.ex4 is available in MQL4\Indicators folder.

    If not, copy the file to there. It may be found in AE Financial\MT4\MQL4\Indicators\ folder.

    This message appears in case Metatrader 4
    • Is not running
    • Is not ready
    • DDE is not enabled in MT4

    Depending on reason:

    • Run MT4 manually
    • Click OK and wait
    • Go to MT4 Tools->Options->Server and Enable DDE server box

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