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My Jyotish Master reverted back to a demo version and most of the features no longer work.
Mostly it happens if you installed the program second copy to another computer, operating system or made a big PC hardware repair or upgrade.
In this case your User Code and and computer name differ from original and Activation Key does not match a new configuration.

To input a new activation key click Help->Activation key and apply that by clicking Activate button.

A. This message appears if the program was activated on-line and trial period ended.

B. The program cannot access Internet.

  • Your PC has no Internet connectivity at the moment
    • Check connectivity and enable that if necessary
  • Your Windows Firewall or another security system blocks Internet access for the program
    • Allow Internet access for the program in firewall settings
  • Your IP address blocked with activation server security system

C.The programs quits immediately after start without any notice.
  • Damaged installation
  • Illegal copy