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Posted by: Admin Jul 27 2014, 01:32 PM

Following a numerous requests from the general traders public we are announcing a start of development of the new product.
Its name is AstroElite Trader (AET) and the purpose is to provide traders who are not astrologers with affordable tool for research of price action and astrological events.

The program price will be around $120-150 (much cheaper than AstroElite Financial (AEF)) and it will allow in addition to Academic (AEA) version features (basic astrology) observe both price and planets movement in Graphic and Financial Ephemerides.

A financial data source for AE Trader is limited to Metaquotes Metatrader 4 data format.
A free Metatrader 4 trading platform must be installed on user's PC to provide those data.


AE Trader released

Posted by: Admin Oct 30 2014, 12:20 PM

QUOTE (Hong)
The difference b/w Trader and Financial are only 2 functions below ? (that's all, not more), while all other features is the same. If not true, pls show me that. I don't know which I should buy because the price is so big different with only 2 more features below.

The main difference is that AEF is a custom program and we could modify that on customer's demand if this is technically possible and may be useful for others.
For example, to add a financial data import from some another third-party data source.

The second main AEF difference is that it allows to use MetaStock (don't mix with Metatrader) data and Yahoo Financial data while in AE Trader you are limited to MT4 history files. Neither AEF nor AET work with real-time data, i.e. they don't have a live data feed like AE Indicator for MT4.

QUOTE (Hong)
AET has no financial news monitor., only following the news realtime ? (the same as the placed method = I can refresh the to take the news)

Yes, sure, you can but AEF may integrate those news events into graphs to see what is a planetary configuration at that time,
otherwise you have to erect a chart wheel by manually inputting a data.

QUOTE (Hong)
AstroElite Trader is not a full substitute of AstroElite Financial. What does it mean (only 2 features above or the other else) ? !!!

No, as you may judge from the mentioned above there are more than two differences but essentially it is possibility to work with more data and the program extendibility or customization. For instance, Graphic Ephemeris in Trader version plots only basic data like planetary coordinates and price while Financial version GE is able to produce graphs for such things like Barbault-Ganeux and Bradley indexes, Econograph, etc.

AE Financial contains all the features available in other, non-financial AE version like AE Professional, for example, Eclipse maps.
Also AEF comes with some extra databases like FTC (first-trade-chart) and extended cities database (~300K locations).

We don't have AE Financial in our products list because a free data from Yahoo Financial, GCI Trading and economical news are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed at any time. Providers of those frequently do change a data format, so we must adapt our software often.

If you are going to trade on Forex market or major commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc) only, and don't know what Bradley index or Econograp is, AE Trader must fit your needs.

First trade charts database

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