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How to forecast monthly and daily trends on New York Stock Exchange

The most reliable method for forecasting monthly trends on the New York Stock Exchange for any desired month in advance is to takethe planetary positions at the lunation of the previous month and place these planetary positions in their right positions on the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange. A copy of this Chart, which was originated by the writer after a long period of economic research, accompanies this chapter.

The best way to learn how to forecast the Stock Market's trend in advance is to take an "example month" and work it out. After doing a number of charts for months in advance and then watching the reaction of the Stock Market as it actually takes place, anyone can soon learn to get a quick off-hand knowledge of what to expect in the Stock Market. The value of this method lies in the fact that it tells you at any time in advance WHAT month the Stock Market is apt to have a sharp drop or what month theStock Market is apt to be strongly bullish. No other method used today by chart-readers offers such advantages.

For an "example month," when a lower trend for stocks was clearly pointed out, let us take the month of March, 1938. The entire month was marked by a drop in the various stock market averages and many stocks dropped to 1932 lows. How was this fact pointed out?

Those who read the Louise McWhirter's «Astrology and stock market forecasting» book are interested if the technique described in chapter 3 may be implemented in AE. The answer is YES, and here a step-by-step guide.

Step 1

  • Switch the program to *Wheel mode.
  • Go to Preferences/ Calculation/Houses and check if the Placidus system selected. Most mundane and financial astrologers use it.
  • Go to Preferences/Wheel and set the Bi-wheel chart aspects to Second chart and check the First chart houses only box.

Step 2

  • Go to Main Menu/Edit Entries
  • Add the new chart for May 17 1792, 12:48 GMT, 40°45' (North) and -74°00' (West).
You may instantly check if your input is correct by watching the Sun/Moon/Asc position in preview beneath the place name.

Step 3

Add the NYSE birth chart to work list

Step 4

Add a new chart for New Moon of March 2, 1938 5:40 GMT, and add it to the list of charts your are working with

Step 4

Add a bi-wheel chart by checking the boxes for NYSE
When you exit from Chart Manager to Main Screen you will see the chart like below.
Those customers who own the version above 1.4.xx can find the mentioned entries in sample database AstroElite shipped with. They may skip many steps. It's similar to original on the page 104 of mentioned book

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