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    Our Financial AstroCalendar differs from similar feature in general purpose astrological software from other developers.
    It allows not only orderly list various astro-events like aspects and retrograde periods, but also a selected instrument market behavior during given day.

    The Moon aspects are frequent and they are printed with a regular font. The rest aspects are more rare and more important, have more impact. That's why they listed in bold font.


    In Prefs-> Table reports you may select a month and year for the table and then navigate to next/previous month by using left/right blue arrows on program tool bar.
    Also, you may jump to any date by direct typing into tool bar date edit control.

    By default, only the most common Geocentric aspects are shown however in Center radio group you may select Heliocentric or both.
    Both aspect types require a bit more time to produce the listing.

    Five aspect values (so called Ptolemaic aspects) are considered as most powerful and this is a default selection for the program.
    Check or uncheck boxes for the values you want to turn on or off.
    Time Zone spin edit contains a value used for calculation.
    For example -4, means GMT-4, i.e. USA Eastern Daylight Saving time zone. If you live in California and want to see your local time, set it to -7.

    Since AstroCalendar is a daily-based table it requires D1, daily bars. Check that your Financial Ephemerides time frame is set to D1 before turning Include financial data box on.

    Also be sure that source price file covers date range you need in AstroCalendar. It may be read in FE status bar leftmost section (Price: Dec 23.....)

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    For quick aspects table generation all events are pre-calculated and placed into yearly database files.
    Those are located in AE Financial\SYS folder and named as transitYYYY.mdb where YYYY is a year.
    AE Financial program is shipped with files for twenty years (2000-2020).
    In case you need aspects for other years, contacts us and we'll provide you with necessary files.

    If you type in a date that is beyond the range, you see a following message:
    DailyAspectText() error. File "V:\AElitePF\sys\transitYYYY.mdb" not found

    If the file is available but no filtered aspect were found this message appears:

    Check aspect types and planets selected.

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    How to use AstroCalendar

    Save to file or print AstroCalendar for every instrument you trade with, and then day by day put your observations into the Notes cell.
    Upon accumulation of the data you may see some correlations to support or cancel your trading signals obtained with traditional methods of analysis (technical/ fundamental).

    There are some examples for EUR/USD pair.
    Downtrend reversal on Monday, New Moon day when trading week begins.

    Full Moon occurs in Sunday morning when markets are close. Three prior days upward acceleration observed.

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