Since September 2016 AE Financial allows to plot live quotes from Metatrader 4.

A. Configuring live data feed in Metatrader

Close all AE and MT4 instances running on your PC.
  1. Copy AEDataFeed.ex4 file from C:\AE Financial\DAT\BAK to Metatrader 4 MQL\Indicators folder.
  2. Run MT4
  3. Select a chart for the same instrument and time frame you want to use in AE Financial and put AEDataFeed indicator to that chart.
  4. Go to MT4 Tools->Options->Server and mark Enable DDE server box. Close Options.
  5. Leave MT4 running, don't close it. For automatic live feed detection MT4 must start before AE Financial.
AEDataFeed generates *.csv files with prices used by AE Financial as data source.
Time frame in both AE Financial and MT4 must be the same, i.e. if you selected daily bars in AE, set D1 in MT4.

B. Configuring live data feed in AE Financial
  1. Run AE Financial
  2. Go to Preferences->Fin.Data
  3. Configure or check Path to MT4 *.hst files. If it is correct, Instruments list will be not empty
  4. Select Metatrader 4 as Financial data source, MQL DataFeed indy as Data source and mark Enable MT4 live quotes box
  5. Click OK to exit Prefs

In few seconds you will see a moving quote line with last ask/bid price and date/time bid/ask text information in status bar at the program window bottom.

If it doesn't, click Run live data feed button with two monitors. When data feed is live, the monitors are blinking.